„Christian quotes what the Old Virginians said against slavery. True; but why didn't he quote what the modern Virginians said in favor of it? Mason, Hunter, Wise, etc. Why didn't he state that a Virginia senator, Mason, was the author of the Fugitive Slave Law, and why didn't he quote The Virginia Code that made it a crime to speak against slavery?“

John S. Mosby photo
John S. Mosby15
Confederate Army officer 1833 - 1916

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Jonathan Safran Foer photo
Jerry Cantrell photo
 Archimedes photo

„I have found it! or I have got it!, commonly quoted as Eureka!“

—  Archimedes Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer -287 - -212 a.C.
What he exclaimed as he ran naked from his bath, realizing that by measuring the displacement of water an object produced, compared to its weight, he could measure its density (and thus determine the proportion of gold that was used in making a king's crown); as quoted by Vitruvius Pollio in De Architectura, ix.215;

Davey Havok photo

„"Coming events cast their shadows before" quoted the clergyman...“

—  Flora Thompson English author and poet 1876 - 1947
Chapter Two - A House is built

Zhu Rongji photo

„Free Tibet before free trade. AZ Quotes“

—  Zhu Rongji former Premier of the People's Republic of China 1928

Studs Terkel photo

„I like quoting Einstein. Know why? Because nobody dares contradict you.“

—  Studs Terkel American author, historian and broadcaster 1912 - 2008

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George MacDonald photo

„Quotable quotes are coins rubbed smooth by circulation.“

—  Louis Menand writer, Pulitzer Prize for History winner 1952

Stephen King photo

„The devil can quote scripture.“

—  Stephen King American author 1947

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Ferdinand Hodler photo

„from his postcard, October 1903 to; as quoted by Hans-Peter Wipplinger, director of the Leopold Museum in Vienna, which owns this postcard“

—  Ferdinand Hodler Swiss artist 1853 - 1918
Carl Moll was co-founder of the Vienna Secession which invited Hodler to participate in their exhibitions. Hans-Peter Wipplinger stated that it was then that Hodler received the recognition he had previously been denied in his own country, Switzerland