„A monkey could drive this train.“

Said about running eBay in its early days, quoted in the New York Times, " EBay Bids on a New Path to Growth http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/07/technology/07ebay.html", February 6, 2011

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Sherrilyn Kenyon photo
James Mattis photo

„None of the widely touted new technologies and weapons systems "would have helped me in the last three years [in Iraq and Afghanistan]. But I could have used cultural training [and] language training. I could have used more products from American universities [who] understood the world does not revolve around America and [who] embrace coalitions and allies for all of the strengths that they bring us."“

—  James Mattis 26th and current United States Secretary of Defense; United States Marine Corps general 1950

Speaking at a professional conference on military transformation, urging the Pentagon to invest in efforts that would "diminish the conditions that drive people to sign up for these kinds of insurgencies." Breaking the Warrior Code (February 2005) http://spectator.org/archives/2005/02/11/breaking-the-warrior-code

William Faulkner photo
Paul Graham photo

„While the nerds were being trained to get the right answers, the popular kids were being trained to please.“

—  Paul Graham English programmer, venture capitalist, and essayist 1964

"Why Nerds are Unpopular," February 2003

Vladimir Lenin photo

„The train of history makes sharp turns and those who are not skilled riders fall off the train.“

—  Vladimir Lenin Russian politician, led the October Revolution 1870 - 1924

As quoted in Dorothy Healey, California Red: A Life in the American Communist Party (1993), p. 81.
Variante: "When the train of history makes a sharp turn, said Lenin, the passengers who do not have a good grip on their seats are thrown off." Whittaker Chambers, The Revolt of the Intellectuals, TIME magazine, January 6, 1941.

Haruki Murakami photo
Huey Long photo
Alexander Suvorov photo

„Train hard, fight easy.“

—  Alexander Suvorov Russian military commander 1730 - 1800

other version: Hard training - easy combat; easy training - hard combat.
Philip Longworth: The Art of Victory, New York, 1965, cited in af.mil http://www.airpower.maxwell.af.mil/airchronicles/aureview/1986/nov-dec/menning.html.

Khaled Hosseini photo
John Horton Conway photo

„When I was on the train from Liverpool to Cambridge to become a student, it occurred to me that no one at Cambridge knew I was painfully shy, so I could become an extrovert instead of an introvert.“

—  John Horton Conway British mathematician 1937

[Mark Ronan, Symmetry and the Monster: One of the greatest quests of mathematics, http://books.google.com/books?id=wDjD0PowhIwC&pg=PT163, 18 May 2006, Oxford University Press, UK, 978-0-19-157938-7, 163]

Ed Bradley photo
Elias Canetti photo

„… how could I, fool that I am, go on sitting in my office, or here at home, instead of leaping onto a train with my eyes shut and opening them only when I am with you?“

—  Elias Canetti Bulgarian-born Swiss and British jewish modernist novelist, playwright, memoirist, and non-fiction writer 1905 - 1994

Fonte: Kafka's Other Trial: The Letters to Felice

„It should be noted that no ethically-trained software engineer would ever consent to write a DestroyBaghdad procedure. Basic professional ethics would instead require him to write a DestroyCity procedure, to which Baghdad could be given as a parameter.“

—  Nathaniel Borenstein American computer scientist 1957

Footnote in a paper about computational email.
Computational Mail as Network Infrastructure for Computer-Supported Cooperative Work http://www.guppylake.com/~nsb/CSCW-ATOMICMAIL.txt
Collected quotes about computer languages http://www.sysprog.net/quotlang.html

Ulysses S. Grant photo

„Though I have been trained as a soldier, and participated in many battles, there never was a time when, in my opinion, some way could not be found to prevent the drawing of the sword.“

—  Ulysses S. Grant 18th President of the United States 1822 - 1885

As quoted in "International Arbitration" by W. H. Dellenback in The Commencement Annual, University of Michigan (30 June 1892) and in A Half Century of International Problems: A Lawyer's Views (1954) by Frederic René Coudert, p. 180.
Contexto: Though I have been trained as a soldier, and participated in many battles, there never was a time when, in my opinion, some way could not be found to prevent the drawing of the sword. I look forward to an epoch when a court, recognized by all nations, will settle international differences, instead of keeping large standing armies as they do in Europe.

Philip Larkin photo

„You can look out of your life like a train & see what you're heading for, but you can't stop the train.“

—  Philip Larkin English poet, novelist, jazz critic and librarian 1922 - 1985

Letter to Monica Jones, 22 October 1967

Махатма Ганди photo

„Today I know that physical training should have as much place in the curriculum as mental training.“

—  Махатма Ганди pre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism during British-ruled India 1869 - 1948

Part I, Chapter 5, At the High School
1920s, An Autobiography (1927)

George F. Kennan photo
Philip K. Dick photo

„On their own, without training, individuals know how to deal out the lethal sentence, but training is required to deal out the second.“

—  Philip K. Dick, livro VALIS

VALIS (1981)
Contexto: For each person there is a sentence — a series of words — which has the power to destroy him … another sentence exists, another series of words, which will heal the person. If you're lucky you will get the second; but you can be certain of getting the first: that is the way it works. On their own, without training, individuals know how to deal out the lethal sentence, but training is required to deal out the second.

Michael McIntyre photo

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“