„Quality management is a systematic way of guaranteeing that organized activities happen the way they are planned.“

—  Philip Crosby, p. 22
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Philip Crosby2
1926 - 2001

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„In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way.“

—  Franklin D. Roosevelt 32nd President of the United States 1882 - 1945
There are no records of Roosevelt having made such a statement, and this is most likely a misquotation of the widely reported comment he made in a speech at the Citadel (23 October 1935):

„It is somehow quite organic, the way these things go — you can’t really plan on it.“

—  Jean Jullien french graphic designer, illustrator, video artist and photographer 1983
Context: I just wanted something symbolic, something that everybody could understand easily, and everybody could share regardless of where they’re from and whether they’re a keen observer of illustration usually. I just wanted something universal. … a few people from different places follow my work, and I enjoy communicating to them, usually for happier reasons. What I do in general is try to communicate with people — and I’m aware that the more you want to communicate to a larger audience, the more universal and simple you have to be.  It’s an image for everyone. It’s not my image — it’s not a piece of work that I’m proud of or anything — I didn’t create it to get credit or benefit from it. I just wanted to express myself, and from experience I know that through social media people like expressing themselves, or need to express themselves. It is somehow quite organic, the way these things go — you can’t really plan on it. I would just say that if people have used it so much, and if they felt like it was useful for them to share, then the image worked and I’m happy, so to speak, even though happiness is not really a thought that springs to my mind in such horrible times.

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„Management as an activity has always existed to make people’s desires through organized effort. Management facilitates the efforts of people in organized groups and arises when people seek to cooperate to achieve goals.“

—  Arthur G. Bedeian American business theorist 1946
Daniel A. Wren & Arthur G. Bedeian (1972: 11-12); as cited in: Le Texier, Thibault. "The first systematized uses of the term “management” in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries." Journal of Management History 19.2 (2013): 189-224.

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„Various perspectives exist in an enterprise, such as efficiency, quality, and cost. Any system for enterprise engineering must be capable of representing and managing these different perspectives in a well-defined way.“

—  Mark S. Fox Canadian computer scientist and Professor of Industrial Engineering 1952
and Mark S. Fox (1995) " The role of competency questions in enterprise engineering http://www.eil.utoronto.ca/enterprise-modelling/papers/benchIFIP94.pdf." Benchmarking—Theory and Practice. Springer US, 1995. 22-31.

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