„Giving offers us the opportunity to reshape our destiny. When you give, you are reshaping your destiny.“

—  T. B. Joshua, On the virtues of giving - "Hope Awakens For Forsaken" http://www.modernghana.com/news/237288/1/hope-awakens-for-forsaken.html Modern Ghana (September 9 2009)
T. B. Joshua photo
T. B. Joshua68
Nigerian Christian leader 1963

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Leszek Kolakowski photo

„The concept of original sin gives us a penetrating insight into human destiny.“

—  Leszek Kolakowski Philosopher, historian of ideas 1927 - 2009
"On the Dilemmas of the Christian Legacy"

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T. B. Joshua photo

„When you are connected to your destiny, nothing and nothing can stop you.“

—  T. B. Joshua Nigerian Christian leader 1963
On how to stay focused - "The Secret Of My Peace In The Storm - TB Joshua" http://www.nigerianmonitor.com/the-secret-of-my-peace-in-the-storm-t-b-joshua/ Nigerian Monitor (October 27 2014)

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Musa al-Kadhim photo

„Learn sciences which offer you both your corrective destinies and corrective threats.“

—  Musa al-Kadhim Seventh of the Twelve Imams and regarded by Sunnis as a renowned scholar 745 - 799
Regarding Knowledge & Wisdom, General, al-Nuri, Mustadrak al‑Wasā'il, vol.12, pg.166.

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Virgil photo

„I will teach you your destiny.“

—  Virgil, Eneida
Aeneid (29–19 BC), Book VI, Te tua fata docebo. Line 759 (tr. Stanley Lombardo)

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Masiela Lusha photo

„Our nature as sensitive beings is far too complex to break apart, re-examine and reshape in a poem.“

—  Masiela Lusha Albanian actress, writer, author 1985
On why she will not critique her fans' poetical work http://www.masielalusha.com/message_center.php

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