„Things have never been so swell
and I have never felt this well! I have never failed to feel… Pain!“

You Know You're Right.
Song lyrics, Posthumously released (post-1994)

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Kurt Cobain93
Vocalista, guitarrista, compositor e músico 1967 - 1994

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„They have never felt pain … We don’t have their connections, but we’re ready to die.“

—  Nattawut Saikua Thai politician 1975

As quoted in "Protests Urge Resignation of Leaders in Thailand" in The New York Times (15 March 2010).

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„The children should never be excluded from what I am doing and should never have the feeling of being part of an audience.“

—  Bob Keeshan United States Marine 1927 - 2004

Instructions to director Peter Birch on the format of Captain Kangaroo, as quoted in "Bob Keeshan, Creator and Star of TV's 'Captain Kangaroo,' Is Dead at 76" in The New York Times (24 January 2004) http://www.nytimes.com/2004/01/24/arts/bob-keeshan-creator-and-star-of-tv-s-captain-kangaroo-is-dead-at-76.html?pagewanted=all

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„I have never lost the feeling of contradiction that lies behind all knowledge.“

—  Hermann Hesse, livro Gertrud

Gertrude (1910)
Contexto: That life is difficult, I have often bitterly realized. I now had further cause for serious reflection. Right up to the present I have never lost the feeling of contradiction that lies behind all knowledge. My life has been miserable and difficult, and yet to others, and sometimes to myself, it has seemed rich and wonderful. Man's life seems to me like a long, weary night that would be intolerable if there were not occasionally flashes of light, the sudden brightness of which is so comforting and wonderful, that the moments of their appearance cancel out and justify the years of darkness.

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„Never feel shame for trying and failing, for he who never failed is he who never tried.“

—  Og Mandino, livro O Maior Vendedor do Mundo

Variante: Never feel shame for trying and failing for he who has never failed is he who has never tried.
Fonte: The Greatest Salesman in the World

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„I never felt like I was in the grime scene…I was the outsider. So when I veered away from it, I didn’t feel like I was leaving the circle – I felt like I was never in it…No one paid me any attention…I had to do everything on my own.“

—  AJ Tracey British rapper from London 1994

On his uneasiness with being called a grime rapper in “AJ Tracey: ‘I had to do everything on my own’” https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/oct/27/aj-tracey-ladbroke-grove-rapper-interview-corbyn-boris-johnson in The Guardian (2019 Oct 27)

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„I never understood why some people seemed to have fun causing pain to someone smaller.“

—  Gottfried Helnwein Austrian photographer and painter 1948

Interview by Brendan Maher http://www.gottfried-helnwein-interview.com/index.html, Start, Ireland, November 24, 2004
Contexto: When I started to paint, I painted children because I just felt that I wanted to take their side. What always upset me was how children are getting abused simply because they are physically weaker and not capable of defending themselves – how they get raped, enslaved and killed. I never understood why some people seemed to have fun causing pain to someone smaller.

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„You have no idea how it feels to know that you've cut someone to the quick. I'll never do it again, never, never.“

—  Irene Dunne American actress 1898 - 1990

Preofections - Irene Dunne, by Elizabth Wilson; Silver Screen (November 1936) http://www.irenedunnesite.com/press/silver-screen-november-1936/.

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„I have never ceased to feel that I owe help to the plain people who were my friends. If this book“

—  Walter Rauschenbusch United States Baptist theologian 1861 - 1918

Fonte: Christianity and the Social Crisis (1907), Introduction, p.xv
Contexto: I have written this book to discharge a debt. For eleven years I was pastor among the working people on the West Side of New York City.... I have never ceased to feel that I owe help to the plain people who were my friends. If this book in some far-off way helps to ease the pressure that bears them down and increases the forces that bear them up, I shall meet the Master of my life with better confidence.

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„I never thought I’d feel wind again. I never thought I’d be outside. It’s so beautiful.“

—  Daniel Abraham speculative fiction writer from the United States 1969

Amos glanced around the ruins and shrugged. “That’s got a lot to do with context, I guess.”
Fonte: Nemesis Games (2015), Chapter 26 (p. 280)

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