„Can’t you approach the young worker and tell him that the way to live is to work for life and not for death? Is it beneath American scholars to try to do that?... Your only salvation is in carrying the idea of socialism to the working class and coming back to storm—to storm, yes, to storm—the bastions of capitalism.“

—  Isaac Deutscher, Isaac Deutscher, quoted in S. Unger, "Deutscher and the New Left in America", in D. Horowitz (ed).
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Isaac Deutscher1
1907 - 1967

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„I would not live alway: I ask not to stay
Where storm after storm rises dark o’er the way.“

—  William Augustus Muhlenberg United States Anglican Episcopal clergyman 1796 - 1877
I would not live alway (published 1826), reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

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„If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine.“

—  Morris West Australian writer 1916 - 1999
Context: "Forbear to ask what tomorrow may bring" … If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine. Ch. II (ellipses in original) <!-- p. 35 --> This statement begins with a quotation from Horace, Odes, Book I, Ode ix, line 13.

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„.. the works of Mozart. They create a welcome pause amidst the storms of our inner life, a vision of consolation and hope, but we hear them like sounds of another, vanished and essential unfamiliar age. Clashing discords, loss of equilibrium..“

—  Wassily Kandinsky Russian painter 1866 - 1944
Quote from: On the Spiritual in Art, 1911; as cited in Schönberg and Kandinsky: An Historic Encounter, by Klaus Kropfinger; edited by Konrad Boehmer; published by Routledge (imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informal company), 2003, p. 17

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