„Personally, though I am recognised all over the world as a teacher of meditation I have at the same time never relinquished my habit of prayer. I believe that the true occultist uses prayer and meditation interchangeably according to need and that both are equally important in the spiritual life. The trouble with prayer has been that the average human being makes it entirely a selfish thing and a means of acquisition of things for the separated self. True prayer asks nothing for the separated self but it will always be used by those who seek to help others.“

—  Alice Bailey, Chapter V - Part 1
Alice Bailey photo
Alice Bailey
1880 - 1949

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„One who makes a habit of prayer will easily overcome all difficulties and remain calm and unruffled in the midst of the trials of life.“

—  Sarada Devi Hindu religious figure, spiritual consort of Ramakrishna 1853 - 1920
[Swami Aseshananda, Glimpses of a Great Soul; a Portrait of Swami Saradananda, 43]

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