„... the energy exchange between us on stage and the audience was absolutely amazing.“


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„Utility then is not the measure of exchangeable value, although it is absolutely essential to it.“

— David Ricardo British political economist, broker and politician 1772 - 1823
Chapter I, Section I, On Value, p. 5

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„I actually don't like playing the piano or conducting the orchestra. There is always an exchange of energies, which is not even. It's one against 80.“

— Joe Hisaishi Japanese composer and musician 1950
Joe Hisaishi, who wrote music for Hayao Miyazaki's films https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/arts-entertainment/article/1780283/studio-ghibli-composer-joe-hisaishi-talks-about-how,South China Morning Post

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„A sitcom is the closest thing for me to doing stage because you work in front of an audience, and if it's well written it can be very satisfying.“

— Nathan Lane American actor 1956
Sunday Tasmanian staff (January 4, 1998) "This Is A Very Mice Story!", Sunday Tasmanian, p. 037.

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