„We have really lost in our society the sense of the sacredness of life.“

—  George Basil Hume, Basil Hume, The Observer Review (1995)
George Basil Hume photo
George Basil Hume
1923 - 1999

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„Our passing life that we have here in our sense-soul knoweth not what our Self is.“

—  Julian of Norwich English theologian and anchoress 1342 - 1416
Context: Our passing life that we have here in our sense-soul knoweth not what our Self is. Then shall we verily and clearly see and know our Lord God in fulness of joy. And therefore it behoveth needs to be that the nearer we be to our bliss, the more we shall long; and that both by nature and by grace. We may have knowing of our Self in this life by continuant help and virtue of our high Nature. In which knowing we may exercise and grow, by forwarding and speeding of mercy and grace; but we may never fully know our Self until the last point: in which point this passing life and manner of pain and woe shall have an end. And therefore it belongeth properly to us, both by nature and by grace, to long and desire with all our mights to know our Self in fulness of endless joy.

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„What has happened to us? It seems as if we have perverted our freedom, our rights into license, into being irresponsible. Perhaps we did not realise just how apartheid has damaged us so that we seem to have lost our sense of right and wrong.“

—  Desmond Tutu South African churchman, politician, archbishop, Nobel Prize winner 1931
As quoted in " Desmond Tutu turns 75 http://www.news24.com/World/News/Desmond-Tutu-turns-75-20061006" at News24 (6 October 2006)

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„In a sense, we have become our own gods.“

—  Julian Jaynes American psychologist 1920 - 1997
Context: And when it is suggested that the inward feelings of power or inward monitions or losses of judgement are the germs out of which the divine machinery developed, I return that truth is just the reverse, that the presence of voices which had to be obeyed were the absolute prerequisite to the conscious stage of mind in which it is the self that is responsible and can debate within itself, can order and direct, and that the creation of such a self is the product of culture. In a sense, we have become our own gods. Book I, Chapter 3, p. 79

Alain Aspect photo

„The main difficulty in popularizing quantum physics is that we do not really know how to make images of it in our world. In this sense it is really counterintuitive.“

—  Alain Aspect French physicist 1947
Interview http://www.canalacademie.com/Alain-Aspect.html on the occasion of the CNRS Gold Medal Award Ceremony in December 2005.

Marshall McLuhan photo

„By electricity we have not been driven out of our senses so much as our senses have been driven out of us. (p. 375)“

—  Marshall McLuhan Canadian educator, philosopher, and scholar-- a professor of English literature, a literary critic, and a communicatio… 1918 - 1980

Nayef Al-Rodhan photo

„3D printing is going to transform our societies, our freedoms and our sense of security.“

—  Nayef Al-Rodhan philosopher, neuroscientist, geostrategist, and author 1959
Printing the Future? http://www.isn.ethz.ch/Digital-Library/Articles/Detail/?ots591=4888caa0-b3db-1461-98b9-e20e7b9c13d4&lng=en&id=172924 - ISN ETH Zurich, November 2013

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„A news sense is really a sense of what is important, what is vital, what has color and life — what people are interested in. That's journalism.“

—  Burton Rascoe American writer 1892 - 1957
As quoted in Useful Quotations : A Cyclopedia of Quotations (1933) edited by Tryon Edwards, C. N. Catrevas, and Jonathan Edwards

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„The sense of regret that we didn't need to be here. The sense of friendship lost, something very special lost, the team ability of the two of us. That was sitting very heavily on me.“

—  Julia Gillard Australian politician and lawyer, 27th Prime Minister of Australia 1961
Gillard recalls what was most troubling to her during the 2010 Labor Party leadership turmoil.

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