„The composer who is frightened of losing his artistic integrity through contact with a mass audience is no longer aware of the meaning of the word art.“

— Aaron Copland, Aaron Copland and His World, .
Aaron Copland photo
Aaron Copland
1900 - 1990

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„An artist who theorizes about his work is no longer artist but critic.“

— H. G. Wells English writer 1866 - 1946
The Temptaion of Harringay (1929)

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„One can like that the meaning of the word "art" is to try to make men aware of the greatness that they ignore in them.“

— André Malraux French novelist, art theorist and politician 1901 - 1976
André Malraux, Préface du Temps du mépris (1935), Malraux citations sur www. fondationandremalraux. org http://fondationandremalraux.org/index.php/citations/

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„Kinetic art was created by artists who pushed the boundaries of traditional, static art forms to introduce visual experiences that would engage the audience and profoundly change the course of modern art.“

— Theo Jansen artist 1948
Theo Jansen, quoted in: " 2015 International Kinetic Art Exhibit & Symposium - Boynton Beach, FL, USA http://intlkineticartevent.org/?page_id=107," 2015

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„I don't believe in Jewish art. There are Jewish artists, which means, artists who are born Jewish, but that does not mean that their work is Jewish art. (translation from Dutch: Fons Heijnsbroek)“

— Jozef Israëls Dutch painter 1824 - 1911
version in Dutch (citaat van Israëls, in het Nederlands): Ik geloof niet in joodse kunst. Er zijn joodse kunstenaars, d.w.z. kunstenaars die joods geboren zijn, maar dat wil nog niet zeggen dat hun werk joodse kunst is. Quote of Jozef Israëls, 9 July 1907, translated from his letter (written in German) to the committee of the Exhibition for Jewish Art in Berlin; as cited in Jozef Israëls, 1824 – 1911, ed. Dieuwertje Dekkers; Waanders, Zwolle 1999, p. 55 Jozef Israëls was Jewish himself, but refused to call his art Jewish as the Zionist movement liked to call it

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„A novelist may lose his readers for a few pages; a playwright never dares lose his audience for a minute.“

— Terence Rattigan playwright, screenwriter 1911 - 1977
The New York Journal-American, October 29, 1956.

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