„I want to Live! Not Die, Not Hide, LIVE!“

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Margaret Peterson Haddix15
American author 1964

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„I neither want to die nor do I want to want to die; I want to live for ever and ever and ever.“

—  Miguel de Unamuno 19th-20th century Spanish writer and philosopher 1864 - 1936
Context: Glorious is the risk! — καλος γαρ ο κινδυνος, glorious is the risk that we are able to run of our souls never dying … Faced with this risk, I am presented with arguments designed to eliminate it, arguments demonstrating the absurdity of the belief in the immortality of the soul; but these arguments fail to make any impression on me, for they are reasons and nothing more than reasons, and it is not with reasons that the heart is appeased. I do not want to die — no; I neither want to die nor do I want to want to die; I want to live for ever and ever and ever. I want this "I" to live — this poor "I" that I am and that I feel myself to be here and now, and therefore the problem of the duration of my soul, of my own soul, tortures me.

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„I live and will live for the Church; I live and will die for her.“

—  Francisco Palau Beatified Spanish Discalced Carmelite friar and priest 1811 - 1872
As quoted in "Father Francisco Palau y Quer A Passion for the Church" by Carmelite Missionaries, Rome, as translated by David Joseph Centner http://www.ourgardenofcarmel.org/palau.html

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„if I fall if I die know I lived it to the fullest, if I fall if I die know I lived and missed some bullets“

—  Kid Cudi American rapper, singer, songwriter, guitarist and actor from Ohio 1984
-Pursuit of Happiness

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„I'll probably die by the time I reach 25. But I'll have lived the way I wanted to.“

—  Sid Vicious English bassist and vocalist 1957 - 1979
Daily Mirror, June 11, 1977, as reported in Fred Vermorel, Judy Vermorel, Sex Pistols: The Inside Story (1987), p. 169.

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„I am life which wants to live admidst of lives that want to live.“

—  Albert Schweitzer French-German physician, theologian, musician and philosopher 1875 - 1965
Ich bin Leben, das leben will, inmitten von Leben, das leben will. Source: Die Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben http://books.google.pl/books?id=q7MCqUIN7hkC&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false, C.H.Beck, 2008, p. 111

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„In this faith I wish to live and die.“

—  Francois Villon Mediæval French poet 1431 - 1463
Line 882; "Ballade pour Prier Nostre Dame (Ballade as a Prayer to Our Lady)".

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