„When given an opportunity, deliver excellence and never quit.“

Fonte: Rebel Without a Crew, or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood Player

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„You may never know what type of person someone is unless they are given opportunities to violate moral or ethical codes.“

—  Nassim Nicholas Taleb Lebanese-American essayist, scholar, statistician, former trader and risk analyst 1960

Fonte: Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder

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„If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less than excellent work.“

—  Tom Watson American businessman 1874 - 1956

Attributed to Watson in: William G. Dickerson (1995) In search of the ultimate practice. p. 19.

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„If not excellence, what? If not excellence now, when?“

—  Tom Peters American writer on business management practices 1942

Fonte: The Little Big Things: 163 Ways To Pursue Excellence (2010), p. 9.

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„Scotland has a unique opportunity to develop one of the strongest renewable and green energy industries in Europe - and, a world centre for excellence.“

—  Alex Salmond Scottish National Party politician and former First Minister of Scotland 1954

Principles and Priorities : Programme for Government (September 5, 2007)

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„The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.“

—  Abba Eban Israeli diplomat and politician 1915 - 2002

As quoted in The Jerusalem Post (18 November 2002) http://www.factsofisrael.com/blog/archives/000491.html; often misquoted as "Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity." The quote is attributed to Abba Eban after the Geneva Peace Conference http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Peace/geneva.html with Arab countries (21 December 1973).

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„Nature has given the opportunity of happiness to all, knew they but how to use it.“

—  Claudian Roman Latin poet 370 - 404

Natura beatis,
omnibus esse dedit, si quis cognoverit uti.
In Rufinum, Bk. I, lines 215-216 http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/L/Roman/Texts/Claudian/In_Rufinum/1*.html#215.
Original: (la) Natura beatis,<br/>omnibus esse dedit, si quis cognoverit uti.

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„As free peoples, we recognize that democracy is the most effective form of government ever devised for delivering progress and opportunity and prosperity and freedom to people.“

—  Barack Obama 44th President of the United States of America 1961

"Barack Obama: The President's News Conference With Prime Minister Reinfeldt of Sweden in Stockholm" by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, atThe American Presidency Project (4 September 2013) http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=104040&st=&st1=
Contexto: As free peoples, we recognize that democracy is the most effective form of government ever devised for delivering progress and opportunity and prosperity and freedom to people. And as two of the most innovative economies on Earth, we cherish that freedom that allows us to innovate and create, which is why we’re leaders in science and research and development -- those things that pioneers new industries and broaden our horizons.

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„I deal with spiritual truth which should never be sold and need never be bought. When you are ready it will be given.“

—  Peace Pilgrim American non-denominational spiritual teacher 1908 - 1981

As quoted in "Pushing World Peace — it's a living" by Beverly Creamer in Honolulu Advertiser (15 August 1980)

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