„I never fall apart, because I never fall together.“

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Andy Warhol39
1928 - 1987

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„I am running (for president) because I think the world is falling apart.“

—  Lindsey Graham United States Senator from South Carolina 1955
2010s, As quoted in "Lindsey Graham announcing at CBS “This Morning” interview his presidential bid" https://www.yahoo.com/politics/lindsey-graham-i-am-running-because-the-world-is-119274762516.html (18 May 2015), by Dylan Stableford, "YAHOO Politics"

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„Life never falls, but never gets out of falling. It is poised in a persistent state of almost-fell.“

—  Kevin Kelly American author and editor 1952
Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems and the Economic World (1995)

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„A nation never falls but by suicide.“

—  Ralph Waldo Emerson American philosopher, essayist, and poet 1803 - 1882
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919), Essays, First Series, The Collected Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson: Society and solitude

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„Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.“

—  Oliver Goldsmith, The Citizen of the World, Or, Letters from a Chinese Philosopher, Residing in London, to His Friends in the Country, by Dr. Goldsmith

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„Things fall apart, it's scientific.“

—  David Byrne Scottish alternative rock musician and promoter of world music 1952

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„Religion is always falling apart.“

—  Alan Watts British philosopher, writer and speaker 1915 - 1973
Buddhism, the Religion of No-Religion

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