„Once, I was my mother's daughter. Now I am my daughter's mother.“


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„I don't care who gets in my way--my mother, my grandmother, my daughter: I'll knock each and every one of them on their ass.“

—  Jack Tatum All-American college football player, professional football player, defensive back, safety, College Football Hall of ... 1948 - 2010

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 Horace photo

„O fairer daughter of a fair mother!“

—  Horace Roman lyric poet -65 - -8 a.C.
Book I, ode xvi, line 1

Thomas Fuller (writer) photo

„Light-heel'd Mothers make leaden-heel'd Daughters.“

—  Thomas Fuller (writer) British physician, preacher, and intellectual 1654 - 1734
Compare Poor Richard's Almanack (1745) : Light heel'd mothers make leaden-heel'd daughters.

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„Religion brought forth Prosperity, and the daughter destroyed the mother.“

—  Cotton Mather American religious minister and scientific writer 1663 - 1728
Magnalia Christi Americana http://books.google.com/books?id=49JdS7NoSawC&printsec=frontcover&dq=Magnalia+Christi+Americana#PPA63,M1 (The Ecclesiastical History of New England), s. 63 (1702). Mather, commenting on the spiritual condition of the colonies, cited an old saying in Latin: Religio peperit Divitias, et filia devoravit matrem.

 Voltaire photo

„Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy, the mad daughter of a wise mother. These daughters have too long dominated the earth.“

—  Voltaire French writer, historian, and philosopher 1694 - 1778
"Whether it is useful to maintain the people in superstition," Treatise on Toleration (1763)

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„Now my daughter's wedding is finished, I shall improve the economy in Taiwan.“

—  Chen Shui-bian Taiwanese politician 1950
During his daughter's wedding banquet, September 27, 2001

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„A Nation spoke to a Nation,
A Queen sent word to a Throne:
‘Daughter am I in my mother's house,
But mistress in my own.
The gates are mine to open,
As the gates are mine to close,
And I set my house in order,'
Said our Lady of the Snows.“

—  Rudyard Kipling English short-story writer, poet, and novelist 1865 - 1936
Our Lady of the Snows http://whitewolf.newcastle.edu.au/words/authors/K/KiplingRudyard/verse/p1/ourladysnows.html, Stanza 1 (1898).

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