„If your writing doesn't keep you up at night, it won't keep anyone else up either“

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James M. Cain
1892 - 1977

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„Lightning strikes
Inside my chest to keep me up at night.
Dream of ways
To make you understand my pain.“

—  John Mayer guitarist and singer/songwriter 1977

Heartbreak Warfare
Song lyrics, Battle Studies (2009)

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„John Dickerson: What keeps you awake at night?
James Mattis: Nothing, I keep other people awake at night.“

—  James Mattis 26th and current United States Secretary of Defense; United States Marine Corps general 1950

Exchange in an interview between John Dickerson and James Mattis on CBS' "Face the Nation" on May 28, 2017.

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„A good idea will keep you awake during the morning, but a great idea will keep you awake during the night.“

—  Marilyn vos Savant US American magazine columnist, author and lecturer 1946

As quoted in What Type Am I? : Discover Who You Really Are (1998) by Renee Baron, p. 110

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„In response to a question about what "keeps her up at night", I worry about the fact that in K-12 education I can look at your zip code and tell whether or not you're going to get a good education.“

—  Condoleezza Rice American Republican politician; U.S. Secretary of State; political scientist 1954

Interview by Donna Shalala C-Span Video Library No Higher Honor http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/302536-1 University of Miami, School of Business Administration, November 3, 2011.

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„You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.“

—  Saul Bellow Canadian-born American writer 1915 - 2005

As quoted in The #1 New York Times Bestseller (1992) by John Bear, p. 93
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„If you're a woman who doesn't know how to write, you're going to cry every night. But if you do, no problem.“

—  Molly Shannon American actress 1964

Interview on Cranky Critic http://www.crankycritic.com/qa/mollyshannon.html

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„Do you want me to sing to you? I'll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away.“

—  Stephenie Meyer American author 1973

Edward Cullen to Bella Cullen, p. 105
Twilight series, Breaking Dawn (2008)

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„An old friend once told me, you don't go fill up your car with gas at night and then park it in the garage.“

—  Gary Player South African golfer 1935

Gary Player – Great Golfer, Better Human Being, WorldGolf.com, Kyle Dalton, 2008-12-09 http://www.worldgolf.com/course-design/gary-player-profile.htm,

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