„But I'm glad you'll see me as I am. Above all, I wouldn't want people to think that I want to prove anything. I don't want to prove anything, I just want to live; to cause no evil to anyone but myself. I have that right, haven't I?“

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Liev Tolstói164
1828 - 1910

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„I never did anything according to what anyone else wanted. That's why I think I am happy.“

—  Sandra Bullock American actress and producer 1964
Context: I never did anything according to what anyone else wanted. That's why I think I am happy. I do everything 100% — even my stupidest missteps. I know when I'm getting ready to mess up, I'm going to do it full-on.

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„I have now established an enviable way of living, and if anyone wants anything from me they must come to me.“

—  Francisco De Goya Spanish painter and printmaker (1746–1828) 1746 - 1828
letter to his friend Don Martín Zapater, signed and dated Madrid, 1 August 1786, location: Pierpont Morgan Library Dept. of Literary and Historical Manuscripts http://www.themorgan.org/collection/102401 in June 1786 Goya was appointed painter to the Spanish king Charles III, the most prestigious position for an artist in Spain; the title, as Goya emphasized in this letter, came with a steady income and the charge to produce designs for the royal tapestry factory

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