„You are you. Unique. Marvelous. Beautiful. Quirky. And imperfect.“

—  Stasi Eldredge, Free to Be Me: Becoming the Young Woman God Created You to Be

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„You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.“

—  Amy Bloom Fiction writer, screenwriter, social worker, psychotherapist 1953

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„I congratulate you on having such a unique and beautiful problem.“

—  Agatha Christie English mystery and detective writer 1890 - 1976
Hickory Dickory Dock

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„Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius“

—  Marilyn Monroe American actress, model, and singer 1926 - 1962

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„Perfection and imperfection are names which do not differ much from the names beauty and ugliness.“

—  Baruch Spinoza Dutch philosopher 1632 - 1677
Context: Beauty, my dear Sir, is not so much a quality of the object beheld, as an effect in him who beholds it. If our sight were longer or shorter, or if our constitution were different, what now appears beautiful to us would seem misshapen, and what we now think misshapen we should regard as beautiful. The most beautiful hand seen through the microscope will appear horrible. Some things are beautiful at a distance, but ugly near; thus things regarded in themselves, and in relation to God, are neither ugly nor beautiful. Therefore, he who says that God has created the world, so that it might be beautiful, is bound to adopt one of the two alternatives, either that God created the world for the sake of men's pleasure and eyesight, or else that He created men's pleasure and eyesight for the sake of the world. Now, whether we adopt the former or the latter of these views, how God could have furthered His object by the creation of ghosts, I cannot see. Perfection and imperfection are names which do not differ much from the names beauty and ugliness.<!--p. 382 Letter to Hugo Boxel (Oct. 1674) The Chief Works of Benedict de Spinoza (1891) Tr. R. H. M. Elwes, Vol. 2, Letter 58 (54).

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Chuck Palahniuk photo

„You can't be beautiful until you feel beautiful.“

—  Chuck Palahniuk American novelist, essayist 1962
Invisible Monsters