„Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.“

—  Aristofanés, Misattributed, Fictional attribution in the movie The Emperor's Club (2002), given by Kevin Kline (as William Hundert); also attributed to Diogenes, without sources; no published occurrences of this statement prior to the movie have been located in any of the Aristophanes Plays or Fragments. Source: IMDb, "Memorable quotes for The Emperor's Club" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0283530/quotes, Internet Movie Database, www.imdb.com Source: Two pages attributing it to Diogenes: http://www.prohibitionists.org/Background/Party_Platform/quickquotes/QQ-education.htm http://www.ryanbalton.com/funstuff/forb_seniorquotes.htm
 Aristofanés photo
-448 - -386 a.C.

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„I have always said about Tony [Benn] that he immatures with age.“

—  Harold Wilson Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1916 - 1995
Post-Prime Ministerial, Interview with The Times (7 April 1981), p. 12.

Adolf Hitler photo
Bias of Priene photo

„Cherish wisdom as a means of travelling from youth to old age, for it is more lasting than any other possession.“

—  Bias of Priene ancient Greek philosopher, one of the Seven Sages -600 - -530 a.C.
The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers (c. 230)

Adolph Freiherr Knigge photo

„No bonds last longer than those made in early youth. At that age one is less mistrustful and less troubled by trifles.“

—  Adolph Freiherr Knigge, livro Über den Umgang mit Menschen
Über den Umgang mit Menschen (1788), Keine Verbindungen pflegen dauerhafter zu sein als die, welche in der frühen Jugend geschlossen werden. Man ist da noch weniger misstrauisch, weniger schwierig in Kleinigkeiten.

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„Ignorance is not stupidity, but it might as well be.“

—  Lois McMaster Bujold, The Curse of Chalion
World of the Five Gods series, The Curse of Chalion (2000), p. 316

William Shakespeare photo

„Crabbed age and youth cannot live together:
Youth is full of pleasure, age is full of care“

—  William Shakespeare, livro The Passionate Pilgrim
The Passionate Pilgrim: A Madrigal; there is some doubt about the authorship of this.

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Henri Estienne photo

„If youth knew; if age could.“

—  Henri Estienne French printer 1528 - 1598
Se jeunesse savoit; si viellesse pouvoit. Épigramme 4, Les Prémices, book 4

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„Youth has no age.“

—  Pablo Picasso Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and stage designer 1881 - 1973

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