„Exchange, fair or unfair, always presupposes and includes the rule of the bourgeoisie.“

Vladimír Iljič Lenin photo
Vladimír Iljič Lenin14
Ex-líder da União Soviética 1870 - 1924

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„Thou poisonest the fair design
Of nature, with unfair device.“

—  Lionel Johnson English poet 1867 - 1902
The Dark Angel (1895), Context: p>The ardour of red flame is thine, And thine the steely soul of ice: Thou poisonest the fair design Of nature, with unfair device.Apples of ashes, golden bright; Waters of bitterness, how sweet! O banquet of a foul delight, Prepared by thee, dark Paraclete!</p

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„When you call people we you find it easy to be unfair to them, since you yourself are included in the condemnation.“

—  Randall Jarrell poet, critic, novelist, essayist 1914 - 1965
Kipling, Auden & Co: Essays and Reviews 1935-1964 (1980), "Five Poets," The Yale Review (Autumn 1956) [p. 263]

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„Gaiety — a quality of ordinary men. Genius always presupposes some disorder in the machine.“

—  Denis Diderot French Enlightenment philosopher and encyclopædist 1713 - 1784
Elements of Physiology (1875), “Diseases"

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„A few rules include all that is necessary for the perfection of“

—  Blaise Pascal French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer, and Christian philosopher 1623 - 1662
The Art of Persuasion, Context: A few rules include all that is necessary for the perfection of the definitions, the axioms, and the demonstrations, and consequently of the entire method of the geometrical proofs of the art of persuading.

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