„The analogy he is looking for is almost there. At this point, his life is seeming closest to that.“


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„Concepts like these can seem remote, until you explain with analogies taken from everyday life. But unfortunately some ideas do not lend themselves to familiar analogies.“

—  Leonard Mandel German physicist 1927 - 2001
while explaining crystal structure to college students, as quoted in Ping-Pong makes physics come alive http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=336&dat=19890319&id=wgMPAAAAIBAJ&sjid=P4QDAAAAIBAJ&pg=4397,1638268, The Deseret News (March 19, 1989)


„We are closest to life when we are vying with death“

—  David Gemmell British author of heroic fantasy 1948 - 2006
Context: We are closest to life when we are vying with death... The blood runs hot, the air smells sweet, the sky becomes an unbearably beautiful blue. Battle is intoxicating. That is why the ghastly vileness of war has always been so popular. Ch. 11

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