„It is my belief that books are living things…. And as living things, they need to be protected.“

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„Whenever I am sent a new book on the lively arts, the first thing I do is look for myself in the index.“

—  Julie Burchill British writer 1959
Burchill (1992) in The Spectator. 16 January 1992; cited in: Ned Sherrin (2008) Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations. p. 170

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„We live for books.“

—  Umberto Eco, livro O Nome da Rosa
The Name of the Rose (1980), Benno of Uppsala

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„I don't know of any thing in my book to be criticised on by honourable men.“

—  Davy Crockett American politician 1786 - 1836
Context: I don't know of any thing in my book to be criticised on by honourable men. Is it on my spelling? — that's not my trade. Is it on my grammar? — I hadn't time to learn it, and make no pretensions to it. Is it on the order and arrangement of my book? — I never wrote one before, and never read very many; and, of course, know mighty little about that. Will it be on the authorship of the book? — this I claim, and I hang on to it, like a wax plaster. The whole book is my own, and every sentiment and sentence in it. I would not be such a fool, or knave either, as to deny that I have had it hastily run over by a friend or so, and that some little alterations have been made in the spelling and grammar; and I am not so sure that it is not the worse of even that, for I despise this way of spelling contrary to nature. And as for grammar, it's pretty much a thing of nothing at last, after all the fuss that's made about it. In some places, I wouldn't suffer either the spelling, or grammar, or any thing else to be touch'd; and therefore it will be found in my own way. But if any body complains that I have had it looked over, I can only say to him, her, or them — as the case may he — that while critics were learning grammar, and learning to spell, I, and "Doctor Jackson, L. L. D." were fighting in the wars; and if our hooks, and messages, and proclamations, and cabinet writings, and so forth, and so on, should need a little looking over, and a little correcting of the spelling and the grammar to make them fit for use, its just nobody's business. Big men have more important matters to attend to than crossing their ts—, and dotting their is—, and such like small things. Preface (1 February 1834)

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„As a writer, my goal, (which I'm never going to achieve, and I know that, and no writer can achieve that,) but my goal is to make you almost live the books… I want you to fall through that page and feel as if these things are happening to you.“

—  George Raymond Richard Martin American writer, screenwriter and television producer 1948
Audio Interview http://www.geekson.com/archives/archiveepisodes/2006/episode080406.htm with Geekson http://www.geekson.com in Episode 54, (4 August 2006)

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„I cannot live without books.“

—  Thomas Jefferson 3rd President of the United States of America 1743 - 1826
1810s, Letter to John Adams (10 June 1815)

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