„It's funny how a flame can only burn your hand if you move too slow, you can tease it all you want and it never gets you, if your quick enough.“

—  Neal Shusterman, livro Unwind

Fonte: Unwind

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„The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.“

—  Ulysses S. Grant 18th President of the United States 1822 - 1885

Statement to John Hill Brinton, at the start of his Tennessee River Campaign, early 1862, as quoted in Personal Memoirs of John H. Brinton, Major and Surgeon U.S.V., 1861-1865 (1914) by John Hill Brinton, p. 239.

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„Listen, if you guys wanna move around and shift your asses a little, it's okay. It's okay by us, right? You can take all your clothes off if you like too, doesn't matter... Fuck off!“

—  Freddie Mercury British singer, songwriter and record producer 1946 - 1991

During a concert in Montreal, Canada, (24 or 25 November 1981), first released as videotape We Will Rock You (1984) http://www.ultimatequeen.co.uk/Videos/wewillrock.htm, and later on DVD as Queen Rock Montreal (2007).

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„Oh well dreams can come true
if you know inside you really want them to
or you can sit you can wait
you can leave your fate in someone elses hands.“

—  James Morrison English singer-songwriter and guitarist 1984

If The Rain Must Fall
Song lyrics, Undiscovered (James Morrison album) (2006)

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„If you want to be a flaming youth, you must have money to burn.“

—  Thomas Lansing Masson American journalist 1866 - 1934

Thomas Lansing Masson (1927) Tom Masson's Book of Wit & Humor. p. 1.

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„How can you thank a man for giving you what's already yours? How then can you thank him for giving you only part of what's already yours?“

—  Malcolm X American human rights activist 1925 - 1965

The Ballot or the Bullet (1964), Speech in Cleveland, Ohio (April 3, 1964)

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„What you want is achieved by deciding that you can get it: where you focus your attention, attraction flows.“

—  Prevale Italian DJ and producer 1983

Original: (it) Quello che vuoi si ottiene decidendo che puoi ottenerlo: dove concentri la tua attenzione, fluisce l'attrazione.

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