„I need someone who can keep up with me, not some sickly creature that looks as if he’s doddering off to the grave.“

—  Cassandra Clare, livro Clockwork Princess

Fonte: Clockwork Princess

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„He who had dug his own grave
looks attentively
at the gravedigger's work,
but not pedantically:
for this one
digs a grave
not for himself.“

—  Stanisław Jerzy Lec Polish writer 1909 - 1966

"He who had dug his own grave", from To Abel and Cain, commemorating his escape from the Nazis by his 1943 killing of an SS guard who had been assigned to watch as he dug his own grave, as quoted in "10 Amazing Ways People Survived The Holocaust" by Alan Boyle at Listverse (9 November 2014) http://listverse.com/2014/11/09/10-amazing-ways-people-survived-the-holocaust/

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„…the other day, I went to a chiropractor. He's just a regular chiropractor. Whenever I meet someone who doesn't know me, they say, 'Oh you're the guy who bites the heads off everything.“

—  Ozzy Osbourne English heavy metal vocalist and songwriter 1948

I get kind of cheesed off with it, but at least they remember. The thing that pisses me off is that that's not what I'm about. If that's what you think Ozzy Osbourne's about, then you're way off.
Launch.com, October 10, 1998

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„No fighter ever won his fight by covering up- by merely fending off the other fellow's blows. The winner hits and keeps on hitting even though he has to take some stiff blows to be able to keep on hitting.“

—  Ernest King United States Navy admiral, Chief of Naval Operations 1878 - 1956

Excerpt from a late March 1942 memorandum King wrote to President Roosevelt, urging against adopting the policy of those most concerned with defending the continental United States. It is unknown if the memorandum was actually ever seen by the President. The entire memorandum is quoted by Thomas B. Buell in his book Master of Sea Power: A Biography of Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King (1980), p. 193.

/ 1940s

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