„When we open ourselves
you yourself to me and I myself to you,
when we submerge
you into me and I into you
when we vanish
into me you and into you I

am I me
and you are you.“

—  Bernhard Schlink, livro O Leitor

Fonte: The Reader

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Bernhard Schlink photo
Bernhard Schlink7
professor académico alemão 1944

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Molière photo

„Tell me to whom you are addressing yourself when you say that.
I am addressing myself—I am addressing myself to my cap.“

—  Molière, The Miser

[J]e veux que tu me dises à qui lu parles quand lu dis cela.
Je parle... je parle à mon bonnet.
Act I, scene iii
L'Avare (1668)

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Audre Lorde photo
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Bono photo
Gaston Leroux photo

„When you made me into another, I left you with me.“

—  Antonio Porchia Italian Argentinian poet 1885 - 1968

Cuando me hiciste otro, te dejé conmigo.
Voces (1943)

John Lennon photo

„I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.“

—  John Lennon English singer and songwriter 1940 - 1980

I Am the Walrus, (1968)

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Muammar Gaddafi photo

„When I met Nasser, he said to me, "I see myself when I was young in you. You are the future for the Arab revolution." This meant very, very much to me.“

—  Muammar Gaddafi Libyan revolutionary, politician and political theorist 1942 - 2011

The Pittsburgh Press (3 August 1986) "Gadhafi, the man the world loves to hate" by Marie Colvin (UPI)

Gaston Leroux photo
Cassandra Clare photo

„You turned your back on me when I needed you.“

—  L.J. Smith American author 1965

Fonte: The Awakening / The Struggle

Sappho photo

„Virginity, virginity, when you leave me, where do you go?

I am gone and never come back to you.

I never return.“

—  Sappho ancient Greek lyric poet -630 - -570 a.C.

Fragment 114 Voigt
The Willis Barnstone translations, Loss