„The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.“


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„Privilege is a made up metric used to silence and repress. We are all different, and that is ok. We listen to individuals and help each other based on individual strengths and needs. We do not generalize based on skin color, bigot.“

— Markus Persson Swedish video game programmer 1979
In response to a Twitter user who tweeted to him that "it’s not OK to celebrate ". " 'Minecraft' Creator Goes Full White Man Denying White Privilege on Twitter https://www.theroot.com/minecraft-creator-goes-full-white-privilege-denying-whi-1820904201". The Root. (November 30, 2017)

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„Football is a team sport, and there is no one individual who is bigger than the next person.“

— Emmitt Smith American football player and sports broadcaster 1969
Fred Mitchell (January 26, 1994) "Self-Doubt Will Never Plague Dallas' Smith", Chicago Tribune, p. Sports: 2.

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„After 9-11, I told our senior management team that this was a tremendous leadership challenge that each of us was facing and I wanted them to be courageous.“

— Kenneth Chenault American business executive 1951
Context: After 9-11, I told our senior management team that this was a tremendous leadership challenge that each of us was facing and I wanted them to be courageous. I wanted them to be decisive, to not shirk away from taking tough actions. I also told them to be compassionate. If the organization believed that they were not compassionate, particularly in these times, they would lose their privilege to lead. I wouldn’t be the one to take away their leadership – the organization – the people — would. Compassion can be offered without sacrificing a sense of urgency or a strong will to win. That’s one of the values I believe in very strongly, and I talk about it in the organization. I want to win the right way. I’m very competitive. I’ve got a strong will to win, but I want to win the right way. That’s my focus.<!-- ** p. 17

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„No member of a crew is praised for the rugged individuality of his rowing.“

— Alfred North Whitehead English mathematician and philosopher 1861 - 1947
"Harvard: The Future," http://books.google.com/books?id=X3k5AQAAIAAJ&q=%22No+member+of+a+crew+is+praised+for+the+rugged+individuality+of+his+rowing%22&pg=PA266#v=onepage The Atlantic Monthly, September 1936 http://pqasb.pqarchiver.com/theatlantic/doc/203819851.html?FMT=CITE&FMTS=CITE&type=current&date=Sep+1936&author=Alfred+North+Whitehead&pub=The+Atlantic+(1932-1971)&edition=&startpage=260-270&desc=Harvard:+The+future

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