„It's a damn good story. If you have any comments, write them on the back of a check.“

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„I don’t blame you for writing of me as you have. You had to believe other stories, but then I don’t know if any one would believe anything good of me anyway.“

—  Billy the Kid American cattle rustler, gambler, horse thief, outlaw, cowboy and ranch hand 1859 - 1881
Billy the Kid's comment to a Las Vegas Gazette reporter (December, 1880) About Billy the Kid website http://www.aboutbillythekid.com/index.html

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„The good stories, of course, write themselves.“

—  R. A. Lafferty American writer 1914 - 2002
Context: The good stories, of course, write themselves. And somebody wants to know who are the really good writers, and how many of them there are. There aren't any. Most of the writers are likeable frauds. Some are unlikable frauds. It's Down the Slippery Cellar Stairs (1995)

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