„The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it.“

— Woodrow Wilson, Section VIII: “Monopoly, or Opportunity?”, p. 117 http://books.google.com/books?id=rxC4IG60KTwC&pg=PA177&dq=%22man+who+is+swimming%22
Woodrow Wilson photo
Woodrow Wilson7
1856 - 1924

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„Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.“

— Malcolm Muggeridge English journalist, author, media personality, and satirist 1903 - 1990

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Ze Frank photo

„Don't swim up stream, baby. The future was right where you were.“

— Ze Frank American online performance artist 1972
zefrank. com/theshow/archives/2006/04/040506. html http://www..

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Arnaut Daniel photo

„I am Arnaut who love the wind,
And chase the hare with the ox,
And swim against the torrent.“

— Arnaut Daniel Occitan troubadour 1150 - 1210
"Ab gai so cundet e leri", line 43; translation from Ezra Pound The Spirit of Romance (1910) p. 30.

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 Apuleius photo

„It is with life just as with swimming; that man is the most expert who is the most disengaged from all encumbrances.“

—  Apuleius Berber prose writer in Latin 125 - 170
Apologia; seu, Pro Se de Magia (Apologia; or, A Discourse on Magic), ch. 21; p. 268.

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