„Eric moved the broom experimentally and made an attempt to sweep the glass into the pan while it lay in the middle of the floor. Of course, the pan slid away. Eric scowled.
I'd finally found something Eric did poorly.“

—  Charlaine Harris, livro Dead as a Doornail

Fonte: Dead as a Doornail

Charlaine Harris photo
Charlaine Harris5
Escritora norte-americana 1951

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Charlaine Harris photo
Charlaine Harris photo
Lawrence Lessig photo

„Eric Eldred was fighting a piracy that affects us all.“

—  Lawrence Lessig, livro Cultura Livre

Free Culture (2004)
Contexto: By insisting on the Constitution's limits to copyright, obviously Eldred was not endorsing piracy. Indeed, in an obvious sense, he was fighting a kind of piracy — piracy of the public domain. When Robert Frost wrote his work and when Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse, the maximum copyright term was just fifty-six years. Because of interim changes, Frost and Disney had already enjoyed a seventy-five-year monopoly for their work. They had gotten the benefit of the bargain that the Constitution envisions: In exchange for a monopoly protected for fifty-six years, they created new work. But now these entities were using their power — expressed through the power of lobbyists' money — to get another twenty-year dollop of monopoly. That twenty-year dollop would be taken from the public domain. Eric Eldred was fighting a piracy that affects us all.

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Eric Clapton photo

„I had a Les Paul before Eric but I didn't have a Marshall. And when Eric got all of that together he was a delight to listen to. He really understood the blues.“

—  Eric Clapton English musician, singer, songwriter, and guitarist 1945

Jimmy Page, quoted in [Paul, Du Noyer, 2003, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Music, 1st, Flame Tree Publishing, Fulham, London, 175, ISBN 1-904041-96-5]

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Sylvia Plath photo
Charlaine Harris photo
Charlaine Harris photo
Keith Richards photo

„There are certain guys that are band players and there's certain guys that ain't. If there's anybody lazier than me, it's Eric (Clapton).“

—  Keith Richards British rock musician, member of The Rolling Stones 1943

Mojo magazine; reported in " In quotes: Keith Richards http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6526133.stm", BBC (April 4, 2007).

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Christine O'Donnell photo

„Eric Nies: You're going to stop the whole country from having sex?
Christine O'Donnell: Yeah. Yeah!
Eric Nies: You're living on a prayer if you think that's going to happen.
Christine O'Donnell: That's not true. I'm a young woman in my thirties and I remain chaste.“

—  Christine O'Donnell American Tea Party politician and former Republican Party candidate 1969

Television series
Scarborough Country
Christine O'Donnell Will Stop America From Sexing Each Other (Video)
The Huffington Post
to Eric Nies of the Moment of Hope Foundation
TV appearances

Charlaine Harris photo
Charlaine Harris photo
Charlaine Harris photo
Charlaine Harris photo

„Sookie, my little blood-sucker," he said, sounding fond and warm.
Eric, my big bullshitter.“

—  Charlaine Harris, livro Living Dead in Dallas

Variante: Sookie, my little bullet-sucker"
Eric, my big bullshitter
Fonte: Living Dead in Dallas

Charlaine Harris photo
Charlaine Harris photo

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“