„Parents are not interested in justice, they're interested in peace and quiet.“

—  Bill Cosby

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jogador de futebol americano dos Estados Unidos 1937

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„Though peace be made, yet it's interest that keep peace.“

—  Oliver Cromwell English military and political leader 1599 - 1658

Quoted in a statement to Parliament as as "a maxim not to be despised" (4 September 1654)

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„Every special interest is entitled to justice-full, fair, and complete“

—  Theodore Roosevelt American politician, 26th president of the United States 1858 - 1919

1910s, The New Nationalism (1910)
Contexto: Now, this means that our government, National and State, must be freed from the sinister influence or control of special interests. Exactly as the special interests of cotton and slavery threatened our political integrity before the Civil War, so now the great special business interests too often control and corrupt the men and methods of government for their own profit. We must drive the special interests out of politics. That is one of our tasks to-day. Every special interest is entitled to justice-full, fair, and complete — and, now, mind you, if there were any attempt by mob-violence to plunder and work harm to the special interest, whatever it may be, that I most dislike, and the wealthy man, whomsoever he may be, for whom I have the greatest contempt, I would fight for him, and you would if you were worth your salt. He should have justice. For every special interest is entitled to justice, but not one is entitled to a vote in Congress, to a voice on the bench, or to representation in any public office. The Constitution guarantees protection to property, and we must make that promise good. But it does not give the right of suffrage to any corporation.

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„If he will not tell the truth, except when it is for his interest to do so, let us make it for his interest to tell the truth. We can do it by applying to him the same principle of justice that we apply to ourselves“

—  Frederick Douglass American social reformer, orator, writer and statesman 1818 - 1895

1860s, Our Composite Nationality (1869)
Contexto: It is objected to the Chinaman that he is secretive and treacherous, and will not tell the truth when he thinks it for his interest to tell a lie. There may be truth in all this; it sounds very much like the account of man’s heart given in the creeds. If he will not tell the truth, except when it is for his interest to do so, let us make it for his interest to tell the truth. We can do it by applying to him the same principle of justice that we apply to ourselves. But I doubt if the Chinese are more untruthful than other people. At this point I have one certain test. Mankind are not held together by lies. Trust is the foundation of society. Where there is no truth, there can be no trust, and where there is no trust, there can be no society. Where there is society, there is trust, and where there is trust, there is something upon which it is supported. Now a people who have confided in each other for five thousand years; who have extended their empire in all directions until it embraces one-fifth of the population of the globe; who hold important commercial relations with all nations; who are now entering into treaty stipulations with ourselves, and with all the great European powers, cannot be a nation of cheats and liars, but must have some respect for veracity. The very existence of China for so long a period, and her progress in civilization, are proofs of her truthfulness. This is the last objection which should come from those who profess the all-conquering power of the Christian religion. If that religion cannot stand contact with the Chinese, religion or no religion, so much the worse for those who have adopted it. It is the Chinaman, not the Christian, who should be alarmed for his faith. He exposes that faith to great dangers by exposing it to the freer air of America. But shall we send missionaries to the heathen to right to come to us? I think a few honest believers in the teachings of Confucius would be well employed in expounding his doctrines among us.

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„Since the business of politics is the conciliation of differing interests, justice must not merely be done, but to be seen to be done.“

—  Bernard Crick British political theorist and democratic socialist 1929 - 2008

Fonte: In Defence Of Politics (Second Edition) – 1981, Chapter 7, In Praise Of Politics, p. 148.

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„There is peace in the swamp, though the quiet is Death“

—  Bret Harte American author and poet 1836 - 1902

East and West Poems, Part I, The Copperhead.

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