„Tea is the magic key to the vault where my brain is kept.“

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Frances Hardinge16
British children's writer 1973

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Percy Bysshe Shelley photo

Where small talk dies in agonies.“

—  Percy Bysshe Shelley English Romantic poet 1792 - 1822
Peter Bell the Third (1819), Pt. III, st. 12

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„Picture you upon my knee,
Just tea for two and two for tea“

—  Irving Caesar American composer and lyricist 1895 - 1996
"Tea For Two" (1925).

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„Coffee isn't my cup of tea.“

—  Samuel Goldwyn American film producer (1879-1974). 1879 - 1974

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„My hour for tea is half-past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody.“

—  Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White
Volume II [Tauchnitz, 1860] ( p. 226 https://books.google.com/books?id=xAm2X8YfpJIC&pg=PA226) Also in The Secret Ingredient by Laura Schaefer [Simon & Schuster, 2012, ISBN 1-442-41960-1] ( p. 169 https://books.google.com/books?id=o1ctj37QuikC&pg=PA169)

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„I know I'm in England because this morning, my stomach got up two hours before I did and had a cup of tea! I've had so much tea, I slosh when I walk! You have to drink tea - I've tasted the coffee!“

—  Bob Hope American comedian, actor, singer and dancer 1903 - 2003
During a radio broadcast recorded in the UK. (During a broadcast in the Soviet Union, Bob re-used the first section, replacing 'England' with 'Russia' and 'cup of tea' with 'Bowl of Borscht') Audio recording of radio broadcast.