„Flying monkeys?" the Gasman called out a guess. "Like in the Wizard of Oz?"
It dawned on me then. "No," I said tersely "Worse.“

Fonte: School's Out—Forever

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„I wanna fly, I wanna fly
I said I want my chariot to pick me up
And take me brother for a ride.“

—  Канье Уэст American rapper, singer and songwriter 1977

Spaceship. The College Dropout (2004)
Bible References

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„And the last thing I see is my heart,
Still beating,
Breaking out of my body
And flying away
Like a bat out of Hell.“

—  Jim Steinman American musician 1947

Bat out of Hell (1977), Bat out of Hell (song)
Contexto: Then I'm dying at the bottom of a pit in the blazing sun
All torn and twisted at the foot of a burning bike
And I think somebody somewhere must be tolling a bell
And the last thing I see is my heart,
Still beating,
Breaking out of my body
And flying away
Like a bat out of Hell.

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„They call me the disappeared
That who when he arrives he is already gone
Flying I come, flying I go
Hastily, hastily to a lost course
When they search for me I am never there
When they find me he is not actually me
The one they have in front
Because I already moved along

They call me the disappeared
Ghost that never is to be found
They call me the ungrateful
But this is not the truth
I carry in my body a pain
That don't let me breathe
I carry in my body a curse
That always brings me to walk on“

—  Manu Chao French Spanish singer, guitarist and record producer 1961

Me llaman el desaparecido
Que cuando llega ya se ha ido
Volando vengo, volando voy
Deprisa, deprisa a rumbo perdido
Cuando me buscan nunca estoy
Cuando me encuentran yo no soy
El que está enfrente porque ya
Me fui corriendo más allá

Me dicen el desaparecido
Fantasma que nunca está
Me dicen el desagradecido
Pero esa no es la verdad
Yo llevo en el cuerpo un dolor
Que no me deja respirar
Llevo en el cuerpo una condena
Que siempre me echa a caminar
Desaparecido https://www.youtube.com/embed/Qew9cYR3t0g.
Clandestino (1998)

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