„Flying monkeys?" the Gasman called out a guess. "Like in the Wizard of Oz?"
It dawned on me then. "No," I said tersely "Worse.“


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„North Korea is the country that the monkeys in The Wizard of Oz came from.“

—  Lewis Black American stand-up comedian, author, playwright, social critic and actor 1948

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„We're off to see the Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
You'll find he is a whiz of a Wiz! If ever a Wiz! there was.“

—  Yip Harburg American song lyricist 1896 - 1981
"We're Off to See the Wizard" in The Wizard of Oz (1939).

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„The elements in The Wizard of Oz powerfully fill a void that exists inside many children.“

—  Roger Ebert American film critic, author, journalist, and TV presenter 1942 - 2013
Context: The elements in The Wizard of Oz powerfully fill a void that exists inside many children. For kids of a certain age, home is everything, the center of the world. But over the rainbow, dimly guessed at, is the wide earth, fascinating and terrifying. There is a deep fundamental fear that events might conspire to transport the child from the safety of home and strand him far away in a strange land. And what would he hope to find there? Why, new friends, to advise and protect him. And Toto, of course, because children have such a strong symbiotic relationship with their pets that they assume they would get lost together. Review http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/great-movie-the-wizard-of-oz-1939 of The Wizard of Oz (22 December 1996)

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