„I could not make a move without making love.“

Fonte: No One Belongs Here More Than You

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Fred Astaire photo

„I don't make love by kissing, I make love by dancing.“

—  Fred Astaire American dancer, singer, actor, choreographer and television presenter 1899 - 1987

Fred Astaire to Henry Ephron, screenwriter on Daddy Long Legs, as quoted in Ephron, Henry. We Thought We Could Do Anything: The Life of Screenwriters Phoebe and Henry Ephron, New York: Norton, 1977, p. 131. (M).

Alfred Stieglitz photo

„When I make a photograph, I make love.“

—  Alfred Stieglitz American photographer 1864 - 1946

in 'Alfred Stieglitz' Photo notes, August 1946, p. 65

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Greg Behrendt photo

„A man who wants to make a relationship work will move mountains to keep the
woman he loves“

—  Greg Behrendt American comedian 1963

Fonte: He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys

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Hendrik Willem Mesdag photo

„I have rented a room in Scheveningen to make studies from nature. It is a room with view on the sea; I hope to make there beautiful things, and to keep moving forward.“

—  Hendrik Willem Mesdag painter from the Northern Netherlands 1831 - 1915

translation from original Dutch: Fons Heijnsbroek
(original Dutch: citaat van Hendrik Willem Mesdag's brief, in het Nederlands:) ..ik heb een kamer gehuurd in Scheveningen om er studies naar de natuur te maken. Het is een kamer met uitzicht op zee; ik hoop er mooie dingen te maken, en steeds vooruit te gaan.
In a letter to his Belgium friend A. Verwee, 28 Mai 1871; as cited in Hendrik Willem Mesdag 1831 – 1915; De Schilder van de Noordzee, Johan Poort; Mesdag Documentaire Stichting cop, ISBN 90-74192-14-9; 2001, p. 17
before 1880

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Stephen Fry photo

„It is the useless things that make life worth living and that make life dangerous too: wine, love, art, beauty. Without them life is safe, but not worth bothering with.“

—  Stephen Fry, livro Moab Is My Washpot

Referencing Oscar Wilde from the preface of "The Picture of Dorian Gray"; "All art is quite useless".
1990s, Moab is My Washpot (autobiography, 1997)
Fonte: Moab Is My Washpot
Contexto: … but love, like all art, as Oscar said, it's quite useless. It is the useless things that make life worth living and that make life dangerous too: wine, love, art, beauty. Without them life is safe but not worth bothering with.

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