„Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground.“

—  David Icke, Source: Davidicke.com
David Icke photo
David Icke
teórico da conspiração escritor e orador 1952

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„The visionaries of yesterday are the realists of today.“

—  Helmut Kohl former chancellor of West Germany (1982-1990) and then the united Germany (1990-1998) 1930 - 2017
Discussion with his predecessor Helmut Schmidt in 'Die Zeit' (1998)

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„It's not that I don't feel bad about it. It's just that I don't feel worse today than what I felt yesterday.“

—  Robert Oppenheimer American theoretical physicist and professor of physics 1904 - 1967
Response to question on his feelings about the atomic bombings, while visiting Japan in 1960.

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„Each day has its own destiny. Yesterday is history, today is opportunity while tomorrow is mystery.“

—  T. B. Joshua Nigerian Christian leader 1963
On destiny - "The Shock Of Reality" http://allafrica.com/stories/200908240244.html All Africa (August 24 2009)

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„Of course, to wound oneself is difficult, even dangerous. But for those who are alive, living today as yesterday and yesterday as today is still more difficult.“

—  Yevgeny Zamyatin Russian author 1884 - 1937
On Literature, Revolution, Entropy and Other Matters (1923), Context: A new form is not intelligible to everyone; many find it difficult. Perhaps. The ordinary, the banal is, of course, simpler, more pleasant, more comfortable. Euclid's world is very simple, and Einstein's world is very difficult — but it is no longer possible to return to Euclid. No revolution, no heresy is comfortable or easy. For it is a leap, it is a break in the smooth evolutionary curve, and a break is a wound, a pain. But the wound is necessary: most of mankind suffers from hereditary sleeping sickness, and victims of this sickness (entropy) must not be allowed to sleep, or it will be their final sleep, death. The same disease often afflicts artists and writers: they sink into satiated slumber in forms once invented and twice perfected. And they lack the strength to wound themselves, to cease loving what they once loved, to leave their old, familiar apartments filled with the scent of laurel leaves and walk away into the open field, to start anew. Of course, to wound oneself is difficult, even dangerous. But for those who are alive, living today as yesterday and yesterday as today is still more difficult.

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„When everybody thinks you are nuts you finally just give in to their pressure and actually go nuts.“

—  Donald Miller, livro Blue Like Jazz: nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality
Blue Like Jazz (2003, Nelson Books)

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„Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.“

—  Dale Carnegie, livro How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living (1948), p. 237. Part 8 : How I Conquered Worry,

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