„I don't need a guarantee if I have you.“

—  Kristin Cast, livro Hunted
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Kristin Cast33
American writer 1986

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„I know we don't have any guarantee that we're gonna live tomorrow. That's why I live everyday as it was my last.“

—  Melanie Thornton singer 1967 - 2001
Attributed, One of her last interviews before her death in a plane crash on November 24, 2001.

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„I don't need you to remind me of my age, I have a bladder to do that for me.“

—  Stephen Fry English comedian, actor, writer, presenter, and activist 1957
1990s, "Trefusis Returns!" in Paperweight (1993) p. 279. Originally printed in The Daily Telegraph circa 1990.

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„Tension is something I have plenty of in life. I don't need it elsewhere.“

—  Sheri S. Tepper American fiction writer 1929 - 2016
Strange Horizons interview (2008), Context: I never read an author twice if I can't trust him or her to make it come out right. I never read an author twice if he writes the kind of books where everyone and everything is in tension from page one to the last paragraph of the last page, like that dreadful TV show, 24. Tension is something I have plenty of in life. I don't need it elsewhere.

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„I don't need to pray. I have God in myself.“

—  Ashraf Pahlavi Iranian royal 1919 - 2016
In Bitter American Exile, the Shah's Twin Sister, Ashraf, Defends Their Dynasty (1980)

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„I don't need gold in heaven, I gotta have it now.“

—  Benny Hinn American-Canadian evangelist 1952
[Bloom, John, (Reprinted on Website of Trinity Foundation, Inc.), The Heretic, D Magazine, 2003-08, http://www.trinityfi.org/press/heretic.html, 2006-10-21]

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„I'm constitutionally incapable of it. There's a special extra quality you need that is indefinable, and I know I don't have it. There's an equanimity, an impermeability and a courage that you need. There are some things in life you know it's better not to try.“

—  Michael Gove British politician 1967
2012, Quoted in Standpoint magazine http://www.standpointmag.co.uk/features-march-12-will-gove-go-all-the-way-to-no-10-iain-martin-michael-gove-conservatives-david-cameron (March 2012)

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„Oh! Don't you throw my love away,
I need your loving, I need your loving…“

—  Kate Bush British recording artist; singer, songwriter, musician and record producer 1958
Song lyrics, Singles and rarities

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„I don't need time, I need a deadline.“

—  Duke Ellington American jazz musician, composer and band leader 1899 - 1974

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