„That man is such a damn turd monkey."
"Grandma!" I said.
"Oh, Zoeybird, did I call your mother's husband a damn turd monkey out loud?"
"Yes, Grandma, you did."
She looked at me, her dark eyes sparkling. "Good.“

Kristin Cast34
American writer 1986

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„Necessity first mothered invention. Now invention has little ones of her own, and they look just like grandma.“

— E. B. White American writer 1899 - 1985
"The Old and the New," The New Yorker (19 June 1937)

„It's like you put a turd in her mouth.“

— Kerry Jackson
Radio From Hell (February 9, 2007)

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„Moreover, I wish to assure you both that I did not make any amorous advances on female monkeys.“

— Cassandra Clare, What Really Happened in Peru
Context: "But of course you should have retreated at once from the dominant male. Are you an idiot? You are extremely lucky he was distracted from ripping out your throat by the fruit. He thought you were trying to steal his females." "Pardon me, but we did not have the time to exchange that kind of personal information. I could not have known! Moreover, I wish to assure both of you that I did not make any amorous advances on female monkeys. [... ] I didn't actually see any, so I didn't get the chance." Giulana and Magnus Bane in 1791, p. 13.

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