„So that plan worked out well.'

Skulduggery, your entire plan consisted of, and I quote, "Let's get up close and then see what happens."'

All the same,' he said, 'I think the whole thing worked out rather beautifully.“


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„Did you plan your leads, or, for that matter, do you plan them now?
No. The only planning I do is about a minute before I play. I desperately try to think of something that will be effective, but I never sit down and work it out note for note.“

—  Eric Clapton English musician, singer, songwriter, and guitarist 1945
Fred Stuckey, "Eric Clapton Interview," Guitar Player 4 (June 1970) p. 47. guitarplayer.com http://www.guitarplayer.com/miscellaneous/1139/gp-flashback-eric-clapton-june-1970/12798

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„I coulda got mad. But then I had to stop and think, well, what did he get in school? What did he get in his work experience? What did he get even from his own union, that gave him some tools to understand what he was seeing on that television?“

—  Utah Phillips American labor organizer, folk singer, storyteller and poet 1935 - 2008
From the intro to Track 15: "There is Power in a Union." Don't Mourn — Organize!: Songs of Labor Songwriter Joe Hill, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings (1990).

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