„The time to make up your mind about people, is never.“

—  Philip Barry, The Philadelphia Story

Fonte: The Philadelphia Story

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Philip Barry1
1896 - 1949

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„I never want to do material that makes people laugh at the expense of making other people feel bad - not to say I'm not guilty of that at times. …“

—  Jim Gaffigan comedian, actor, author 1966

Stephanie Bouchard (February 15, 2007) "Pasty-faced and proud of it - Comedian Jim Gaffigan brings his 'Beyond the Pale Tour' to Merrill Auditorium", Portland Press Herald, Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc., D10.
Contexto: I do kind of aspire to do comedy that appeals to a wide range of audiences and doesn't divide people. I never want to do material that makes people laugh at the expense of making other people feel bad - not to say I'm not guilty of that at times.... I try and make humor out of the really important issues of the day, like Hot Pockets and elevators and not wanting to get out of bed.

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„Try to make things that can become better in other people’s minds than they were in yours.“

—  Brian Eno English musician, composer, record producer and visual artist 1948

August 2, 1995, p. 165
A Year With Swollen Appendices (1996)

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„Balance your thoughts with action. — If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done.“

—  Bruce Lee Hong Kong-American actor, martial artist, philosopher and filmmaker 1940 - 1973

Fonte: Striking Thoughts (2000), p. 43

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„You can never be upset with the people who forced you into your dream or up higher.“

—  Tyler Perry American actor, director, screenwriter, playwright, producer, author, and songwriter 1966

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„As long as young people feel they have got no hope but to blow themselves up you are never going to make progress.“

—  Cherie Blair British barrister and wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair 1954

Charles Reiss, Hugh Muir, "Cherie suicide bombing gaffe", Evening Standard, 18 June 2002, p. 1
Speech at the launch of Medical Aid for Palestinians charity, 18 June 2002, referring to Palestinian suicide bombers; she later apologised for any offence caused.

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„And I said, baby don't waste your time
I know what's on your mind
U wouldn't be satisfied with a one night stand
And I could never take the place of your man.“

—  Prince American pop, songwriter, musician and actor 1958 - 2016

I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
Song lyrics, Sign O' the Times (1987)

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