„Stupid dreams. Even the good ones are bad, because they remind you how poorly reality measures up.“

—  Neal Shusterman, livro Unwind

Fonte: Unwind

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„Then I reminded myself that all intelligent children suffer bad dreams.“

—  Grant Morrison writer 1960

Fonte: Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth

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„I would want a dreaming machine that dreams up the most beautiful dreams and then show me exactly how to make them a reality…This is the eternal conundrum: the visualization of desires (dreams), and then the dissonance between that and reality.“

—  Sally Wen Mao Chinese-born American poet

On her poem “Yume-Miru Kikai” in “41.2 Feature: An Interview with Sally Wen Mao” https://bwr.ua.edu/an-interview-with-poet-sally-wen-mao-from-issue-41-2/ in Black Warrior Review (2015 Mar 2)

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„Good anecdote--bad reality.“

—  Carrie Fisher American actress, screenwriter and novelist 1956 - 2016

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„There's no way to know how good a player you are except by measuring against others.“

—  Aaron C. Brown American financial analyst 1956

Fonte: The Poker Face of Wall Street (2006), Chapter 3, Finance Basics, p. 69

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„Bad guys do what good guys dream.“

—  Rene Balcer screenwriter, producer and director 1954

Det. Robert Goren in the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode One.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent

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