„Life did not take over the world by combat,
but by networking.“

Lynn Margulis photo
Lynn Margulis
1938 - 2011

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„This week, NBC told us five years in advance that Conan O'Brien will take over for Jay Leno, but the network still hasn't said who'll take over for Jimmy Fallon this weekend.“

— Jimmy Fallon American TV Personality 1974
Now ironic quote from Entertainment Weekly from October 1, 2004 about a replacement Weekend Update anchor Susman, Gary (2004-10-01), "Riggle Room" http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,703947,00.html. EW.com (accessed 2009-02-05)

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„As for us, our days of combat are over.“

— Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. United States Supreme Court justice 1841 - 1935
Context: As for us, our days of combat are over. Our swords are rust. Our guns will thunder no more. The vultures that once wheeled over our heads must be buried with their prey. Whatever of glory must be won in the council or the closet, never again in the field. I do not repine. We have shared the incommunicable experience of war; we have felt, we still feel, the passion of life to its top. "The Soldier's Faith" Memorial Day address at Harvard University (30 May 1895) http://people.virginia.edu/~mmd5f/holmesfa.htm.

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„The emotional stress is a complex network of unusual strains inherent in the combat situation. The stress is derived from different sources, which again mutually reinforce each other.“

— Roy R. Grinker, Sr. American psychiatrist and neurologist 1900 - 1993
p. 33 cited in: David Goodman Mandelbaum -(1952) Soldier groups and Negro soldiers. p. 78

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„Leadership is mostly a power over imagination, and never more so than in combat.“

— Lois McMaster Bujold Science Fiction and fantasy author from the USA 1949
Context: Leadership is mostly a power over imagination, and never more so than in combat. The bravest man alone can only be an armed lunatic. The real strength lies in the ability to get others to do your work.

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„I pity the fool, thug, or soul who tries to take over the world.“

— Mr. T American actor and retired professional wrestler 1952

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„Those days in the woods saved my life many a time in combat.“

— Chesty Puller United States Marine Corps general 1898 - 1971
Recalling his early days trapping muskrats before school to supplement his mother's income The Savage Wars of Peace, Max Boot, 2002.

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„And the combat ceased for want of combatants.“

— Pierre Corneille French tragedian 1606 - 1684
Don Rodrigue, act IV, scene iii.