„Often-times it's madness, not genius that moves the world forward. Who else but the mad would reach so far, stretching for the impossible and, in so doing, prove the impossible possible!“


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Pearl S.  Buck photo
Federico Buffa photo

„Do you believe in miracles?“

—  Federico Buffa, Riferita ai 13 punti in 35 secondi messi a segno da Tracy McGrady in Rockets-Spurs 9 dicembre 2004]

Lewis Carroll photo

„Alice: This is impossible.
The Mad Hatter: Only if you believe it is.“

—  Lewis Carroll English writer, logician, Anglican deacon and photographer 1832 - 1898

Antonin Artaud photo
Charles Bukowski photo
Emil M. Cioran photo
Tony Banks photo

„She is a half-mad old bag lady. The Finchley Whinger.“

—  Tony Banks British politician 1942 - 2006
http://www.geocities.com/Axiom43/insults.html on former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher again.

W. H. Auden photo
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti photo

„Madness blew so violently on the immeasurable air pump of the circuit, that it took the form of a spiral, rising like a screw to the Zenith.. [describing the Brescia automobile races, in 1907]“

—  Filippo Tommaso Marinetti Italian poet and editor, founder of the Futurist movement 1876 - 1944
In 'La mort tient le volant...', in La ville charnelle, E. Sansot, Paris 1908, p. 228; as quoted in Inventing Futurism: The Art and Politics of Artificial Optimism, by Christine Poggi, Princeton University Press, 2009, p. 27, (note 77)

Nathaniel Lee photo

„They called me mad, and I called them mad, and damn them, they outvoted me.“

—  Nathaniel Lee British writer 1653 - 1692
Remark after being incarcerated in Bedlam for five years, as quoted in the Introduction of A Social History of Madness : The World Through the Eyes of the Insane (1987) by Roy Porter; also in "The Madness of King Jesus : Why was Jesus Put to Death, but his Followers were not?" by Justin J. Meggitt in Journal for the Study of the New Testament, Vol. 29, No. 4 (June 2007) http://jnt.sagepub.com/content/29/4/379.abstract.

Marya Hornbacher photo
Herman Melville photo
Charles Baudelaire photo
Mahadev Govind Ranade photo

„... from the madding crowd’s ignobale strife.“

—  Mahadev Govind Ranade Indian scholar, social reformer and author 1842 - 1901
He moved on a plane of his own far removed, quoted in page=489

Roberto Clemente photo

„I was mad last year. I played as well as anyone else on our team and I didn't receive one vote for MVP. Don't get me wrong; I didn't say I was the best last year or that I should have won the MVP award. But nobody seemed to care about me. But you win the batting title yourself. They can't take that away from you.“

—  Roberto Clemente Puerto Rican baseball player 1934 - 1972
As quoted in "Clemente Will Seek Raise in Pay Next Year" https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=eHQlAAAAIBAJ&sjid=zfIFAAAAIBAJ&pg=1095%2C1859848 by Lou Prato, in The Gettysburg Times (Tuesday, October 3, 1961), p. 5