„Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.“

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US writer and professor 1965

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„Invention is the root of innovation. Innovation is the major force for change in the future.“

—  Philippe Kahn Entrepreneur, camera phone creator 1952
Comments made in the Q and A part of a speech at the Silicon Valley computer museum in 2005 regarding the energy spent in Silicon Valley at managing perception as opposed to creating new technology. In response to a question about the power of venture capital and consumer marketing and how it is determining the future of technology.

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„Changing things is central to leadership. Changing them before anyone else is creative leadership“

—  Ordway Tead American academic 1891 - 1973
Recently often attributed to Ordway Tead. Attributed to in older sources, see: Public Administration Review (1977). Vol. 15. p. 20. Also called "Jay's Laws of Leadership", see: Paul Dickson (1999) The official rules and explanations. p. 33. This source states: Jay's Laws of Leadership #Changing things is central to leadership, and changing them before anyone else is creativeness. #To build something that endures, it is of great importance to have a long tenure in office-to rule for many years. Quick success can be achieved in a year or two, but nearly all great tycoons have continued their building much longer.

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„The creative habit is like a drug. The particular obsession changes, but the excitement, the thrill of your creation lasts.“

—  Henry Moore English artist 1898 - 1986
in: Eric Maisel, ‎Ann Maisel (2010) Brainstorm: Harnessing the Power of Productive Obsessions. p. 95

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„In a world where so many things have changed for the better, there are –sadly - still many vulnerable, forgotten and neglected children. Each one of them has a unique story“

—  Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall second wife of Prince Charles 1947
During a speech A speech by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall 25 February 2014 http://www.princeofwales.gov.uk/media/speeches/speech-her-royal-highness-the-duchess-of-cornwall-dinner-barnardos-clarence-house

„Conceptual Art in the broadest sense was a kind of laboratory for innovations in the rest of the century. An unconscious international energy emerged from the raw materials of friendship, art history, interdisciplinary readings and a fervor to change the world and the ways artists related to it.“

—  Lucy R. Lippard American art curator 1937
Quote in: Ken Johnsonoct. " Planter of the Seeds Of Mind-Expanding Conceptualism http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/19/arts/design/lucy-r-lippard-and-conceptual-art-at-brooklyn-museum.html." in New York Times, Oct. 18, 2012.

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„More and more parents are coming to realize their children are suffering at the hands of a system built to strangle any reform, any innovation, or any change.... This realization is becoming more evident as the momentum builds for an education revolution.“

—  Betsy DeVos 11th United States Secretary of Education 1958
From remarks at the American Federation of Children made in May of 2016, as quoted in "Betsy DeVos, the (Relatively Mainstream) Reformer," by Michael McShane, EducationNext (2017), Volume 17 (No. 3). http://educationnext.org/betsy-devos-relatively-mainstream-reformer-education-secretary/#.WJo0Cp2xCzE.twitter