„If you think God’s there, He is. If you don’t, He isn’t. And if that’s what God’s like, I wouldn’t worry about it.“

—  Haruki Murakami, livro Kafka on the Shore

Fonte: Kafka on the Shore (2002), Chapter 30, Colonel Sanders
Contexto: Listen- God only exists in people's minds. Especially in Japan, God's always been kind of a flexible concept. Look at what happened after the war. Douglas MacArthur ordered the divine emperor to quit being God, and he did, making a speech saying he was just an ordinary person. So after 1946 he wasn't God anymore. That's what Japanese gods are like-they can be tweaked and adjusted. Some American chomping on a cheap pipe gives the order and presto change-o - God's no longer God. A very postmodern kind of thing. If you think God's there, He is. If you don't, He isn't. And if that's what God's like, I wouldn't worry about it.

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Escritor japonês 1949

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„You wouldn’t like him. Major fanatic. Confuses migraine headaches with God.“

—  James K. Morrow, livro Only Begotten Daughter

Fonte: Only Begotten Daughter (1990), Chapter 4 (p. 84)

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„As far as I'm concerned we are all God
That's the difference
If you really think another guy is God he doesn't lock you up Funny about that.“

—  Ram Dass, livro Be Here Now

Contrasting the attitude of those who believe that they are especially "divine" and thus believe other people "owe" them deference — and those who assert all are divine, and thus are respectful of others proper rights and dignity as both human and divine beings.
Be Here Now (1971)

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