„Life is hard and then we die!“

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Barbara Johnson1
1947 - 2009

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„Life is hard, and then you die.“

—  Erik Naggum Norwegian computer programmer 1965 - 2009

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„Its hard to die. Harder to live“

—  Dan Simmons, livro The Fall of Hyperion

Fonte: The Fall of Hyperion

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„I die hard but am not afraid to go.“

—  George Washington first President of the United States 1732 - 1799

I believed from my first attack that I should not survive it — my breath cannot last long.
The first sentence here is sometimes presented as being his last statement before dying, but they are reported as part of the fuller statement, and as being said in the afternoon prior to his death in Life of Washington (1859) by Washington Irving, and his actual last words are stated to have been those reported by Tobias Lear below.

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„Perhaps it is fortunate that most heroes who die for their people cannot come back to see what the people do with that hard-bought life and freedom.“

—  Tad Williams novelist 1957

Fonte: Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, To Green Angel Tower (1993), Part 1, Chapter 20, “Travelers and Messengers” (p. 639).

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„Everybody dies … The thing is, to have a life before we die.“

—  John Irving, livro The World According to Garp

Fonte: The World According to Garp

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„Life is the lust of a lamp for the light that is dark till the dawn of the day that we die.“

—  Algernon Charles Swinburne English poet, playwright, novelist, and critic 1837 - 1909

"Nephelidia", line 16, from The Heptalogia (1880); Swinburne intended "Nephelidia" as a self-parody.

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„I saw a man take a needleful of hard drug
And die slow“

—  Laura Nyro American musician and songwriter 1947 - 1997

"Been On A Train"

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