„The visions you glorify in your mind,
The ideals you enthrone in your heart..
This you will build your life by…
This you will become.“

As A Man Thinketh (1902), Visions and Ideals
Contexto: In all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result. Chance is not. Gifts, powers, material, intellectual, and spiritual possessions are the fruits of effort; they are thoughts completed, objects accomplished, visions realized.
The Vision that you glorify in your mind, the Ideal that you enthrone in your heart — this you will build your life by, this you will become.

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James Allen6
1864 - 1912

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„That little, small voice in your mind and in your heart that makes you curious about being vegan is something you should listen to, because that’s the sound of your conscience making you be compassionate.“

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„You don't have to like your life to get it off your mind. You DO have to renegotiate your agreements w/yourself about it.“

—  David Allen American productivity consultant and author 1945

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