„The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.“

— Frank Lloyd Wright, As quoted in My Favorite Quotations (1990) by Norman Vincent Peale
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Frank Lloyd Wright9
1867 - 1959

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„Now these things never happened, but always are.“

—  Sallustius Roman philosopher and writer
Context: Now these things never happened, but always are. And mind sees all things at once, but reason (or speech) expresses some first and others after. Thus, as the myth is in accord with the cosmos, we for that reason keep a festival imitating the cosmos, for how could we attain higher order? IV. That the species of myth are five, with examples of each. A number of sources paraphrase the first sentence (referring to the myth of Attis) as "Myths are things which never happened, but always are." (see for example the introduction to Carl Sagan's The Dragons of Eden).

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