„Cut off a wolf's head and it still has the power to bite.“

Fonte: もののけ姫 [Mononoke hime]

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Robert Hunter (author) photo

„One can cut off the head of an individual, but it is not possible to cut off the head of an economic law.“

—  Robert Hunter (author) American sociologist, author, golf course architect 1874 - 1942

Violence and the Labor Movement (1914)
Contexto: No one sees more clearly than the socialist that nothing could prove more disastrous to the democratic cause than to have the present class conflict break into a civil war. If such a war becomes necessary, it will be in spite of the organized socialists, who, in every country of the world, not only seek to avoid, but actually condemn, riotous, tempestuous, and violent measures. Such measures do not fit into their philosophy, which sees, as the cause of our present intolerable social wrongs, not the malevolence of individuals or of classes, but the workings of certain economic laws. One can cut off the head of an individual, but it is not possible to cut off the head of an economic law. From the beginning of the modern socialist movement, this has been perfectly clear to the socialist, whose philosophy has taught him that appeals to violence tend, as Engels has pointed out, to obscure the understanding of the real development of things.


Abdullah of Saudi Arabia photo

„Cut off the head of the snake“

—  Abdullah of Saudi Arabia former King of Saudi Arabia 1924 - 2015

Remarks on Iran http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6AS02B20101129 10 December 2010.

Peter Jackson photo

„Kong bites his head off in a PG13 kinda way“

—  Peter Jackson New Zealand film director, producer, actor, and screenwriter 1961

A note in the 1996 script for 'King Kong quoted in USA Today http://www.angelfire.com/ri/KingKong33/mar05.html

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Max Brooks photo

„Use your head; cut off theirs.“

—  Max Brooks, livro The Zombie Survival Guide

Fonte: The Zombie Survival Guide

Herb Caen photo

„A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew.“

—  Herb Caen American newspaper columnist 1916 - 1997

Editors of the Reader's Digest. Quotable Quotes, page 144. http://books.google.com/books?id=YdYPgwWFFR0C&pg=PT144 Penguin, 1997 ISBN 1606525956

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Oliver Cromwell photo

„I tell you we will cut off his head with the crown upon it.“

—  Oliver Cromwell English military and political leader 1599 - 1658

To Algernon Sidney, one of the judges at the trial of Charles I (December 1648)

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Girolamo Savonarola photo

„If he that would summon a Parliament be of the Signoria, let his head be cut off“

—  Girolamo Savonarola Italian Dominican friar and preacher 1452 - 1498

Sermon of July 28, 1495, which historian Ludwig Pastor calls Savonarola's "sermon against the tumultuous assemblies, misnamed parliaments, which the Medici encouraged to serve their own ends", as quoted in History of the Popes (1898) by Ludwig Pastor, vol. 5, p. 209. http://books.google.com/books?id=MZ4YAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA209&dq=%22let+his+head+be+cut+off%22+savonarola&hl=en&sa=X&ei=H-ElT-DWOLGpsAKxqP2MAg&ved=0CDsQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=%22let%20his%20head%20be%20cut%20off%22%20savonarola&f=false
Contexto: If he that would summon a Parliament be of the Signoria, let his head be cut off; if he be not of it, let him be proclaimed a rebel and all his goods confiscated; … should the Signoria seek to call a Parliament … all may cut them to pieces without sin.

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Statius photo

„So in the dark of night a dense crowd of shepherds wards off a wolf from the steer he has caught.“

—  Statius, livro Thebaid

Original: (la) Sic densa lupum jam nocte sub atra
arcet ab apprenso pastorum turba juvenco.
Fonte: Thebaid, Book VIII, Line 691

Joseph Louis Lagrange photo

„It took them only an instant to cut off that head, but France may not produce another like it in a century.“

—  Joseph Louis Lagrange Italian mathematician and mathematical physicist 1736 - 1813

As quoted by William Hughes, Annual Editions: Western Civilization (1997) p. 64; about the beheading of his friend Antoine Lavoisier.

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