„[... ] no one had lived up to the roles they acted out in public. They wasted their years trying to live the lies that they had created for themselves. Only in private could they really be the demons, hypocrites and sinners they really were, and woe betide anyone who caught them at their game, because the only thing worse than a lie is a lie exposed.“


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„The only thing that really matters is that there be an action of goodness, love and intelligence in living.“

— Jiddu Krishnamurti Indian spiritual philosopher 1895 - 1986
Context: The only thing that really matters is that there be an action of goodness, love and intelligence in living. Is goodness individual or collective, is love personal or impersonal, is intelligence yours, mine or somebody else? If it is yours or mine then it is not intelligence, or love, or goodness. If goodness is an affair of the individual or of the collective, according to one's particular preference or decision, then it is no longer goodness. Conversation 5

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„The man who is really serious, with the urge to find out what truth is, has no style at all. He lives only in what is.“

— Bruce Lee Hong Kong-American actor, martial artist, philosopher and filmmaker 1940 - 1973
Part 6 "Beyond System — The Ultimate Source of Jeet Kune Do"<!-- p. 329 -->

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„Everything is a lie in this world
Really everything is a lie
Everything is a lie, I tell my self
Everything is a lie, why is it?“

— Manu Chao French Spanish singer, guitarist and record producer 1961
Mentira https://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=PCZuYK3Rjig.

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„There is no worse lie than a truth misunderstood by those who hear it.“

— William James American philosopher, psychologist, and pragmatist 1842 - 1910
Lectures XIV and XV, "The Value of Saintliness"

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