„[... ] no one had lived up to the roles they acted out in public. They wasted their years trying to live the lies that they had created for themselves. Only in private could they really be the demons, hypocrites and sinners they really were, and woe betide anyone who caught them at their game, because the only thing worse than a lie is a lie exposed.“


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„The police case was very simple, because the robbers had been caught in the act of shifting the bullion; and as gold bars are more valuable than human lives, the robbers were given longer sentences than if they had been murderers.“

— Arthur Calder-Marshall English novelist, essayist, critic, memoirist and biographer 1908 - 1992
Mascott, R. D. (pseud. Arthur Calder-Marshall). The Adventures of James Bond Junior 003½. London: Jonathan Cape. 1967.

„An old dissembler who lived out his lie
Lies here as if he did not fear to die.“

— J. V. Cunningham American writer 1911 - 1985
"An Epitaph for Anyone", 1942 The Poems of J. V. Cunningham, edited by Timothy Steele, Ohio University Press/Swallow Press, 1997,

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„The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that's also a hypocrite!“

— Tennessee Williams American playwright 1911 - 1983
Rosa, Act Three, Scene Three

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