„I knit the afternoon away. I knit reasons for Elijah to come back. I knit apologies for Emma. I knit angry knots and slipped stitches for every mistake I ever made, and I knit wet, swollen stitches that look awful. I knit the sun down.“

—  Laurie Halse Anderson, Wintergirls

Fonte: Wintergirls

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„If I didn’t think the sun looked at me a little, I wouldn’t look at it.“

—  Antonio Porchia Italian Argentinian poet 1885 - 1968

Si no creyera que el sol me mira un poco, no lo miraría.
Voces (1943)

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„When I got back [from Le Havre], where I had made several sketches of the harbour exit, I thought of placing the sun in the background. I liked the picture so much that I painted it ten times over, with its three-master and its sun.“

—  Eugène Boudin French painter 1824 - 1898

Quote from Boudin's letter, 1882; as cited in the article 'Artists around Monet http://www.muma-lehavre.fr/en/exhibitions/impressions-sun/artists-around-monet, Muma-museum, Le Havre
1880s - 1890s

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„A little while ago, I stood by the grave of the old Napoleon, a magnificent tomb, and I gazed upon the sarcophagus of rare and nameless marble, where rest at last the ashes of that restless man. I leaned over the balustrade and thought about the career of the greatest soldier of the modern world. I saw him walking upon the banks of the Seine, contemplating suicide. I saw him at Toulon—I saw him putting down the mob in the streets of Paris—I saw him at the head of the army of Italy—I saw him crossing the bridge of Lodi with the tri-color in his hand—I saw him in Egypt in the shadows of the pyramids—I saw him conquer the Alps and mingle the eagles of France with the eagles of the crags. I saw him at Marengo—at Ulm and Austerlitz. I saw him in Russia, where the infantry of the snow and the cavalry of the wild blast scattered his legions like winter's withered leaves. I saw him at Leipsic in defeat and disaster—driven by a million bayonets back upon Paris—clutched like a wild beast—banished to Elba. I saw him escape and retake an empire by the force of his genius. I saw him upon the frightful field of Waterloo, where Chance and Fate combined to wreck the fortunes of their former king. And I saw him at St. Helena, with his hands crossed behind him, gazing out upon the sad and solemn sea. I thought of the orphans and widows he had made—of the tears that had been shed for his glory, and of the only woman who ever loved him, pushed from his heart by the cold hand of ambition. And I said I would rather have been a French peasant and worn wooden shoes. I would rather have lived in a hut with a vine growing over the door, and the grapes growing purple in the kisses of the autumn sun. I would rather have been that poor peasant with my loving wife by my side, knitting as the day died out of the sky—with my children upon my knees and their arms about me—I would rather have been that man and gone down to the tongueless silence of the dreamless dust, than to have been that imperial impersonation of force and murder, known as 'Napoleon the Great.“

—  Napoleon I of France French general, First Consul and later Emperor of the French 1769 - 1821

Robert G. Ingersoll, The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child

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„I fall back
dazzled at beholding myself all rosy red,
At having, I myself, caused the sun to rise.“

—  Edmond Rostand, Chantecler

Je recule
Ébloui de me voir moi même tout vermeil
Et d’avoir, moi, le coq, fait élever le soleil.
Act II, Sc. 3
Chantecler (1910)

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