„Maybe when people longed for a thing that bad the longing made them trust in anything that might give it to them.“

—  Carson McCullers, livro The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
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Carson McCullers4
1917 - 1967

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„As long as the working-people fold hands and pray the gods in Washington to give them work, so long they will not get it.“

—  Voltairine de Cleyre American anarchist writer and feminist 1866 - 1912
In Defense of Emma Goldman and the Right of Expropriation (1893), Context: As long as the working-people fold hands and pray the gods in Washington to give them work, so long they will not get it. So long as they tramp the streets, whose stones they lay, whose filth they clean, whose sewers they dig, yet upon which they must not stand too long lest the policeman bid them "move on"; as long as they go from factory to factory, begging for the opportunity to be a slave, receiving the insults of bosses and foremen, getting the old "no," the old shake of the head, in these factories they built, whose machines they wrought; so long as they consent to herd like cattle, in the cities, driven year after year, more and more, off the mortgaged land, the land they cleared, fertilized, cultivated, rendered of value; so long as they stand shivering, gazing thro' plate glass windows at overcoats, which they made, but cannot buy, starving in the midst of food they produced but cannot have; so long as they continue to do these things vaguely relying upon some power outside themselves, be it god, or priest, or politician, or employer, or charitable society, to remedy matters, so long deliverance will be delayed. When they conceive the possibility of a complete international federation of labor, whose constituent groups shall take possession of land, mines, factories, all the instruments of production, issue their own certificates of exchange, and, in short, conduct their own industry without regulative interference from law-makers or employers, then we may hope for the only help which counts for aught — Self-Help; the only condition which can guarantee free speech (and no paper guarantee needed).

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„When we give trust, we receive trust. And people who trust us pay attention to us.“

—  Warren Farrell author, spokesperson, expert witness, political candidate 1943
Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say (2000), p. 33.

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